Gravelita Ltd is found in 1998 and it is included in the register of the trade companies of the Sofia city court. The company is managed and presented by Stoyan Petrov Djambazov and Kaloyan Stoyanov Djambazov together and solely.
The business activities of Gravelita Ltd include prospecting, exploration, mining and processing as well as sales and distribution of mineral resources (limestone, clay and kaolin, feldspar, quartz sands, argillic sandstones, magnesite, etc.), technological semi-products and waste materials from the industry and development of technologies for application and implementation in the production of ceramic and composite materials.

During the period of its existence, Gravelita Ltd has been involved in prospecting, exploration, mining and processing of mineral and other row materials for the industry.  Its staff has developed and patented innovative technologies for the usage of row materials and various semi-products. As a result of the technological and semi-industrial experiments, the company together with its partners developed and patented 5 new technologies that allow usage of non-traditional complex rock materials with suitable natural granulometry and chemical composition for production of tiles for walls and floors. Trade activities have also been done – selling of row materials and ceramic products.
The company has its own geophysical, drilling and mining techniques and equipment as well as very experienced staff.The managers of the company are leading specialists in the areas of international management, marketing, geology, prospecting and exploration of industrial minerals and technology of ceramic products. Within the past 11 years, Gravelita Ltd was able to expand its business and position itself in the top 10 non-metal mineral resources exploration and production companies in Bulgaria.


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